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♥ Love for the Doogie Deeva

We have used Applause Your Paws in the past for in-home dog training, as we have a multi dog household of rescue dogs. After adding a black lab mix, Penelope, to our dog family we became very concerned because Penelope and one of our other dogs got into a really bad fight. Penelope has also shown aggression towards other dogs. I decided to enroll Penelope in the AYP 14-day bootcamp to treat her aggression issues with dogs. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with our trainer and what he was able to do in such a short period of time. We were very nervous to bring Penelope home and to have her around Zeus again after what happened. Once we had Penelope back home we began to integrate her with Zeus with a leash on, not allowing them on the couch, making them both stay in their place and it has been great. Zero incidents. I am looking forward to taking penelope to the group training classes that were included in her board and train program, but also working with Dee in the home. Now that Penelope has been rehabilitated, we need to integrate some of our other dogs and I am confident AYP has the experts to get it done after seeing the results first hand. If anyone is ever on the fence about enrolling their dog in a board and train please have them call me as a reference — I am happy to share my experience with others. Thanks!

Scott Feinerman


Dee Hoult, aka The Doggie Deeva

Dee Hoult, aka The Doogie Deeva

You came highly recommended by our friend Maggie whose Labrador Retreiver you had previously trained. We were beyond thrilled when we realized we were going to be able to enroll our puppy into your puppy bootcamp program straight from the breeder. Your having Lucy during her critical time for learning and training has made all the different in the world. We still can’t believe sometimes how good she is! Thanks to your program she is properly socialized… plays great with dogs and cats, and she’s been so good when we’ve had people over. I can’t thank you enough for teaching how to not jump and interact properly with our kids, who adore her. She sleeps at night in her crate like a good girl. You trained her into the most perfectly mannered pup ever! You are amazing!! The kids love Lucy. Well we all do. My parents, sister, nieces, nephews…Lucy has stolen everyones heart. The four week puppy boot camp (boarding and training) was definitely worth it! I highly recommend Applause Your Paws to anyone looking to set their puppy up for success.

Maria Cosio

South Miami

I’d like to thank the Applause Your Paws team for their dedication to our confident, stubborn, jumping bulldog over the past two years. We first signed up for an in-home training session, then weekly group lessons, then the full two-week board and train program followed by weekly obedience classes and occasional board and train sessions. Our dog loved every class and learned how to obey despite impulse control issues, and thanks to Dee we learned a lot about how to appropriately handle a difficult dog. Thank you!

Katie Roman

I am very grateful to Dee and her staff for the amazing results they achieved with my foster dog. Skippy was an MDAS survivor who lacked socialization and was either neglected or abused. When I first rescued him he attempted to bite me more than once simply for being too close. Any visitor would be greeted with intense growls and him ready to lunge. It got to the point that Skippy was muzzled when guests were around and whenever we took him out in public. The first two adoption events were utter failures and gave me little hope that he would ever be placed for adoption.

However, thanks to the team at Applause Your Paws, Skippy is now confident enough to go to adoption events, as he is more trusting with strangers. While he still won’t run into someone’s arms he is more than happy to show them all the obedience that he learned during his stay. Thank you AYP for your support. Skippy & I are very grateful for the hard work. You guys are great!

Cristiana Cerutti

Applause Your Paws is the best thing to happen to a pet. We rescued two puppies, Lip and Roo, and they were immediately welcomed into Dee Hoult’s fold via Jessica’s Puppy Kindergarten class on Thursday nights where they learned their good dog techniques–we learned them too-‘ and fun with socialization.

Dee is an active community member, animal rights activist, and devoted entrepreneur. She makes sure her whole staff incorporates her professionalism, patience, and pride to ensure the dogs she trains are Canine Good Citizens. She trains the owners too!

Whether it is agility, scent training, good behavior, or more that you need for your puppy or older dog, you will not do better than to use Dee Hoult and her staff at AYP. Your pet family will become part of her family, and you will be as happy as we all are for starting with them.

Lois Seaman & Christie Nudd


My husband and I adopted an adorable dog from the Miami Dade Animal Shelter almost 4 months ago. We didn’t realize how high energy of a dog we had adopted as she was quite sick at the time of adoption. Over the last few months, we have worked diligently on basic commands and were successful with this work. There remained many issues that concerned us and we had a friend refer us to Applause Your Paws. Dee, AYP’s onward head trainer, came to our house and was beyond helpful. She explained each and every method she used and gave us tips that made sense to us. We loved her training manner and methods and look forward to a continued relationship as we decrease some of the problem behaviors.

Abby Fisch

South Miami

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