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15+ Years of Dog Training Experience Right at Your Fingertips

I’d love to work with you online, LIVE!

Dee Hoult, the Doogie Deeva


  • Online LIVE Dog Training
  • Executive Board and Train Programs
  • Dog and Baby: Safety and Expectations Presentations
  • Pro Dog Training Workshops
  • Mentor Trainer Coaching
  • Family Dog Selection

Community Involvements

  • Founder, Magic City K9
  • Head Trainer, Second Chance Dog Training Program
  • Volunteer, Miami Dade Animal Services
  • Women in Business, United Way Miami Dade

Awards & Honors

  • Iron Arrow, University of Miami
  • Omikron Delta Kappa, University of Miami
  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, LEAP Miami
  • Best  Woman Owned Business 2017, Finalist, Coral Gables Chamber
  • 2018 Finalist, Woman of the Year, Women in the Pet Industry Network
  • 2018 Runner up, National Dog Trainer of the Year, Greatmats 


  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT), Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • MBA, University of Miami
  • Certified Trick Dog Training Instructor, Do More with Your Dog
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Therapy Dog Evaluator, Alliance of Therapy Dogs
  • Faculty, CATCH Canine Trainers Academy


Dee won her first pet tricks contest is 1987 with Babe, a border collie mix. She can still vividly remember her father picking out Babe from a litter of pups on a relative’s farm and putting the small black puppy into a cardboard box. That car ride home with Babe would be the beginning of a lifelong passion for animals. It wasn’t until completing her undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and a Masters in International Business that she turned her hobby of training dogs into business and career.

Dee currently serves as CEO of Applause Your Paws, Inc., Miami’s largest privately owned positive dog training company. Her company’s mission is to help dog owners improve their quality of life through enjoyable, connected relationships with their canine companions by providing engaging, positive education and non-intimidating training so that in any environment they can have the well-behaved dog they always wanted. Although Dee dedicates her training time to helping clients with their canine behavior concerns, the thing she is most passionate about is developing her business. A large part of business development includes all of the networks that Dee is part of. In addition to managing her staff and assisting her own clients Dee is the founder of the APDT’s Networking Group in South Florida, Miami Dade Animal Service’s ”go to” professional for canine evaluations and volunteer training, an Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer, a CATCH Academy Mentor Trainer, Training Director for Miami Dade Corrections Second Chance Dog Training Program, a member of the Miami Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association, as well as the University of Miami Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Council. Dee previously served a four year term on the Board of Directors for the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association & Foundation and has also served on the Board of Trustees for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Dee is one of less than 400 trainers in the world who hold a CDBC (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant) credential through the International Association of Applied Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and is passionate about dog and baby/kid safety, providing a free community lecture several times a year on expectations and safety when it comes to living with kids and dogs. Dee actively serves on the Application Review Committee (ARC) for IAABC, and is responsible for scoring applications for professional certification in the dog division. In 2014 Dee was honored to be recognized as LEAP’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year, and in 2015 Dee was recognized as a top three finalist for the Coral Gables of Chamber of Commerce’s AXA Business Women of the Year awards. Dee was also a finalist for the 2018 Woman on the Year for the Women in the Pet Industry Awards.

Dee is what you could call a “serial networker.” If there is an opportunity to meet people and connect, you can be sure to find her there!

Dee shares her home with one orange tabby cat, a bunny, three border collies, a black labrador, her son Jack and her English husband Sam. With her dogs she enjoys competitive canine sports including agility, frisbee, rally obedience, competition obedience, tricks, as well as week-long hiking, biking, camping and kayaking trips with the whole family.

With a love for social media and blogging, you can follow Dee at @Doggiedeeva on Instagram, Friend Applause Your Paws on Facebook, or read Dee’s blog at

15+ Years of Dog Training Experience Right at Your Fingertips!

I'd love to work with you online, LIVE! 

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